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How do I create forms?

The DataScope Form Builder allows you to simply create and edit any type of mobile form.


What kind of forms can I create? 

It's possible to create forms for Inspections, Certifications, Work Orders, Quality Check-lists, Purchase Orders, Quotations, Surveys, Attendance Controls and much, much more.

DataScope gives you the flexibility to create custom forms, using all the question types we have available.


How do I get started? 

To create and edit forms you need to first login to our Web Portal and log in using your username and password. If you are not yet a DataScope user, you must first register on our site.

The configuration of the forms is done from the "Mobile Form Builder" tab, which will be displayed immediately after logging into our web portal. 

To start creating a new form you should click on the "New APP Form" button or by editing one of the sample forms we make available in your account (Settings > App Settings). 



❗ Below, you will find a video explaining how to create your forms in DataScope.