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How to customize the PDF's generated in DataScope?

In DataScope, each time a form is answered, a PDF document is generated as proof of the operation.

By default, this PDF has a standard structure, which can be customized with your company information and logo.

In case you require a specific format, we have a tool to create the desired. structure. 

1. Standard PDF 

Your organization's information and logo will be displayed on the top left side of the document. To customize your organization's information, go to the Settings > Account Settings tab and fill in the form with your organization's information.

To add your organization's logo to the PDFs you should go to the Mobile Forms > Configure > Configure PDFs section. In the "Form Logo" section you will be able to upload the logo image. 

2. Custom PDF (available in Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans) 

In case you need a specific PDF format, you can configure it by going to Mobile Forms > Configure > Configure PDF > Configure PDF > Custom PDF, then click on the "Open PDF Editor" button. 

Below is a video explaining how to customize your PDF in DataScope.