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How do I assign a task to a DataScope user?

With our Task Assignment tool, you can assign forms to your work team to be completed at the desired place and time. In this way, they will be able to know at all times what activities they have to develop during the day, and use the filters of the platform:

How to assign a new task?

It is possible to assign a task manually or in bulk.


1- Manually: 

To assign a task you must enter the Task Assign > New Task tab and complete the available fields such as User, Name of the Form to be performed, Place, Date and Time, Time to perform the task and a description or checklist, if desired.


2. Bulk: 

To import tasks in bulk, you will need to access the Assign Tasks tab and download the example file by clicking on the Download Example button:

Complete the Excel file with the assignment data. The columns required to make the assignment are as follows: Form Name, Email User, Contact Code and Start Date. The other fields are optional.


❗ Below, you will find an explanatory video on how to assign tasks to your users in DataScope.