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How can lists facilitate the construction of forms?

DataScope lists are data structures that allow storing a series of elements, with the purpose of using them in certain questions at the moment of building the forms.

In this way, in case there is any change in the elements, it is enough to modify the list and the questions of the forms involved will be automatically updated.

Types of lists

In DataScope we have two types of lists: 

  • Address Lists: This type of list is used to manage your company's customers. This way, you can include specific information such as address, tax number, latitude and longitude (GPS),customer code and contact email. 
  • Customized Lists: These lists are created to store any type of data required for a specific question. The difference between both lists is that in the Summary module (where the answers are displayed) and the Graphics module there are location filters, which allow you to filter the analyzed information according to a particular client. 

How to link a list to a specific question? 

The types of questions that support lists are: 

  • Select List Data 
  • Select Alternatives Data 
  • Check Data List 
  • Number Data List 
  • Text Data List 

➡️ When any of the questions described above are configured, you can click on the Data List Source option and select the desired list. If it is the Address List, it will be called " "Contact List". Lists can be created manually in the platform by accessing the "Settings > Lists" section or uploaded in bulk. 

Below, you will find an explanatory video on how to bulk upload a list.