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How to set up automatic e-mail notifications?

There are two ways to automatically notify by e-mail when a user answers a form:

1. Notification to fixed e-mails. 

With this type of notification, every time a user answers a specific form, a pre-determined email list will be automatically notified. 

To configure this type of notification, you must go to the Mobile Forms > Configure > Configure Email tab and fill in the requested fields. 

2. Notification to customer emails 

With this type of notifications, every time a user answers a form for a specific customer, the emails of that customer will be notified. 

To perform the configuration, it is necessary to have the customer's email address information updated in the Address List. 

It is possible to add one or more emails (separated by a space and a single comma). Subsequently, in the form you must add a Data List Selection question, which calls the Address List. 

This question will define which emails will receive the notification. Finally, you must enter the Mobile Forms > Configure > Configure Email tab and activate the "Automatically notify to Email" field. 


Below, you will find an explanatory video on how to configure the two types of automatic notifications in DataScope.